Title: Patentability of Covid-19 Smartphone Apps⁤ at the ⁤European Patent‍ Office ‌(EPO)


In the midst of ‍the Covid-19 pandemic, ‍technology ⁤has played a crucial role in helping ⁣to mitigate the spread of ⁣the virus. Smartphone apps⁤ have been developed to track cases, monitor symptoms,‍ and provide​ information to the⁢ public. ‍As the importance​ of these apps continues to grow, questions arise about their ​patentability at the European Patent Office (EPO).‍ This article will explore the patentability of Covid-19 ⁣smartphone apps at the EPO, including relevant keywords such as‌ patentability, smartphone apps, Covid-19, European Patent Office, and more.

What is Patentability and Why is it Important?

Patentability ⁣refers ‌to the ‍criteria that an‍ invention must meet in order to be granted‍ a patent. In the case of smartphone apps related to Covid-19, patentability⁣ is important because ⁢it gives the‌ inventor the exclusive right to ⁣produce, use, and ‌sell their invention⁢ for a certain period of time. This can provide a competitive advantage in⁢ the market and⁣ help recoup investment costs.

Criteria for ⁣Patentability at the EPO:

The EPO follows specific criteria when assessing the patentability​ of an invention, including:

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